Evoking emotion, inspiring imagination, and delighting the eye are essential

for creating a photograph that tells a story.

Joy of color

This beautiful burst of rustic color is on the door of Hedi O'Neill Dingle Pottery on Green Street in Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland. Beautiful door, beautiful work.

Dingle, Ireland | March 2017

Lens of Perspective

This size of your lens determines your perspective. Your perspective creates your experience. Your experience determines where and how you spend your energy. And sometimes we need to adjust the lens to fit what we need. But be careful it doesn't hyper focus (or too much in view) to where we loose perspective and it gets all muddied up. Zoom in. Zoom out.

Florence, Italy | July 2015

Lady Gazing | Cinque Terre, Italy, 2015

Smooth Reflection | Lincoln Park Zoon | Chicago, 2020

Apples, children, fall, harvest, lifestyle

Maeve | Apple Harvest | Stade's Farm | McHenry, IL, 2020

Lazy Lush Bridge | WIldnature Center | Park Ridge, IL, 2020

Feast your eyes on the glories of October

August Refresh Harbor View | Montrose Harbor | Chicago, 2020

wild flowers navy pier nature stillness meditate

Stillness on the Pier | Navy Pier | Chicago, 2018

Ha'penny Bridge | Dublin, Ireland, 2017

Roma Bride | Rome, Italy, 2015


Nightfall Fanelli Cafe | NYC, 2017

Celtic Cross Knot Boat | Galway, Ireland, 2017 (kiki + fifi designs)


Irish Sunset | Enniscrone Beach, Co. Sligo, Ireland, 2017

Chicago Lakefront Black and White

Lakefront Path Commute at Fullerton | Chicago, 2018